Saturday, 23 April 2011

6.20TN-D Permanent Patch for psp

PSP MODEL 3000 4g

Dont worry it is safe! Just follow these steps

Note: Use 6.20 tn-hen D by total noobs when installing this. here the link


1. Download the 6.20 TN-HEN D Permanent here

2. Extract the files in ms0:\PSP\GAME

3. Remove your psp in the usb mode


5. Launch the the HEN.

1. Into the TN-D, close flash0 protection. Into 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch

2. Began to press the X button to start the installation, the program will back up the original vshmain.prx to ms0: / vshmain.prx, keep it good

3. If there is no issue under the program will ask you to test the generated camouflage vshmain, press the X button is strongly recommended to test the next

4. If you start the test, the program will exit, if no crash is like, and also TN-D, the note can be installed

5. To re-enter 6.20TN-D Permanent Patch, this election does not test the installation

6. After installation, boot your PSP will automatically enter the TN-D

CONGRATULATIONS you are in permanent HEN now!

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