Saturday, 23 April 2011

VSH & Recovery Flasher v1.7

The German developer Deutschland 1 , forum member has just launched the new version of its recovery menu and VSH ​​Manager for PSP Flashable 100x and 200x.
Quick reminder that recovery menu replaces traditional menus recovery of PSP CFW D GEN and M33. It allows you to do the same thing, namely to manage the settings of the PSP and a beautiful option that débrickage the PSP if it is a mechanism by brickée X, and this just through the menu to launch revovery the PSP which can be accessed by pressing the R button on the console for the ignition.

This program Touche NAND and intended solely for 100X and 200X PSP pandora compatible. Do not use this program on the PSP 2000 V3 3000 or GB, the brig would be assured!

New / fixed :

- A new design (thank you to BAM (TZX) and stehn).
- Add menu and VSH recovery of the CFW custom 6.35 neur0ner.
- Added menus CFW 6.38 ME
- Added menus ME2 CFW 6.38
- A warning was added for new models of PSP (Can be installed on 100X and 200X Flashable PSP).
- Added new sounds for the XMB "SND0.AT3/XMB.

DOWNLOAD: VSH & Recovery Flasher v1.7

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