Saturday, 23 April 2011

All-in-one 6.20 TN-B (HEN) Installer has all you need.

Our infamous noob friendly Easy Installers are back. I know most of you have everything installed by now. But our Easy installers aren’t aimed at you guys. But the people new to this or with a new PSP they just got or just formatted etc. They want a one download quick fix. Instead of hunting and downloading 3-4 different archives. This all-in-one Easy installer for 6.20 TN-N does all the work for you. Just download this 1 archive run it and it will install the following:

Installed via this easy all-in-one installer, 1 file download:

* Patapon 2 Demo
* Patapon 2 Save Data Exploit
* Half Byte Loader Rev 109 (HBL)
* Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN-B

To help, the following common followers are also created in your memory root.

* seplugins

What isn’t installed ??

* No ISO loader. Why? we give you the option of which ISO loader you want to run. So none are installed. Its just a matter of choice, get either the Prometheus ISO Loader or the OpenIdea ISO Loader

Easy, remember here at PSPGWEBER, we are always noob friendly!


6.20 TN-A & B (HEN) & Prometheus ISO Loader for 6.20 TN ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE & PE THEME

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