Saturday, 23 April 2011

6.35HEN/6.20TN-C Signed Easy Installers

Just tested Resistance online and still can play via 6.35PRO HEN.... No update required as of yet.

UPDATE 1/19/2011(7:30pm): I forgot to mention also if you guys haven't already noticed, YOU CAN PLAY ONLINE AGAIN with this HEN!! Tested with Resistance and Motorstorm. I'm sure Little Big Planet should connect too. I don't have the 2.05 updated version. No plugins needed or settings to change. Full access to the psn store and online gaming with 6.35PRO HEN. Enjoy!

Here's two quick installers I just put together. They are for 1000, 2000, 3000, and pspGO running firmware 6.35 or lower.

Personal Note: I myself am loving this 6.35 HEN. I've upgraded two 3000 models(1 off of 6.20TN-B and the other off of 5.03gen-c) to it and both seem to run great. Yes there are a few games I'm finding that don't work and no psx support as of yet but I got my custom theme, tempAR cheat plugin, a new vsh menu with added features, and most importantly - ONLINE PLAY! I'm happy and with good time there will be a CFWEnabler program similar to a GEN-C or Prome-4 for OFW6.35. Until it is here I'll settle for what I have. So you make the choice if you want to upgrade. I'm fine that I did... Some are being winy little babies about making the change.

Feel free to share this thread/links on other sites if you wish.

Must first put your psp in "USB MODE"

Watch The Video Tutorial Here!

First Select Your Language.

Click "Next"

Agree to the License Agreement but read it because the instructions are on there for after the installation.

Click "Browse" and click your psp drive letter. Then click "Next"

(My psp's drive letter was F:\) Now click "Install" After it's done click "Finished"

It includes:

1) OFW 6.35

2) 6.35 Nightly Build Signed HEN

3) CXMB w/3rd Birthday CTF

4) TempAR Cheat Plugin

5) Lite VSH Menu v0.4 Fix2

6)Prome. ISO Loader w/M33 Driver Enabled

It would be best to reformat your memory stick using windows. Then run my program and browse for your psp's drive letter and click install. Run the OFW6.35 Updater first and then run the signed 6.35PRO HEN.

If your psp is to shutdown, simply just run the signed hen again from your XMB.

NOTE: Click that the program installed correctly if asked. Tested on Windows 7 x64.

Only for pspGO's:
pspGO 6.35HEN Easy Installer
Should Fix The Pause/Slide Freezing!

Only for 1000, 2000, 3000 models:
6.35HEN Easy Installer


Only for pspGO's:
pspGO 6.20TN-C Easy Installer

Only for 1000, 2000, 3000 models:
6.20TN-C Easy Installer

The 6.20TN-C Installers Include:

1) OFW6.20 Updater

2) TN-C Signed HEN


4) TempAR Cheat Plugin

5) Prome. ISO Loader w/M33 Driver Enabled

Instructions For TempAR

After launching your game via Prome. ISO Loader, Press your "HOME" key twice.

Now press the volume up and down keys at the same time for the cheat menu to show up.

Select what cheats you want active and then hit the "NOTE" key. Then "O" to return back to game.

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