Saturday, 23 April 2011

Installing 6.20 TN-hen-a on psp

 use HBL to run Total_Noob's HEN and start ISO/CSO games using Prometheus ISO Loader.

1. Charge your PSP's battery to at least 78%
2a. If you are using PSP 100x, 200x or 300x download this package:
2b. PSP-Go users should download this one:
3. Extract and copy the h.bin, hbl, ISO and PSP folders into your Memory Stick root (thats the main dir). Overwrite all if necessarily.
4. First restore the default settings and install the official 6.20 sony update, as shown in the video.
5. Run the Patapon 2 demo and load the saved game.
6. When u are asked to "Push any Key" press and HOLD R (Right Trigger) until you are back into XMB.
7. Press the Select button to make sure TN-A is active by displaying the VSH Menu.
(THIS STEP IS ONLY FOR USERS WITH THE NEW PSP-300x 4g)8. Remove the memory stick and hit Restart VSH from the VSH Menu. When you are back at XMB, reinsert the Memory Stick. (this have to be done every time when you start Homebrews)
9. Start the Prometheus ISO Loader.
10. With the Select Button change the driver to M33.
11. Use UP and Down to navigate through your list of games. (copy your ISO/CSO files in the ISO folder on your memory stick)
12. Start the selected game with X button.
13. Play!

P.S. If you have the newest PSP-300x, and cannot run HEN, try the UNOFFICIAL PATCH here -
Also, the "memory leak" error is completely normal!

Thanks goes to Total Noob for his awesome work on the HEN, also everyone, who is keeping the PSP Scene alive - Wololo, Liquidzigong, dridri, davee, team gen etc, etc. Thank you! Also special thanks to God of War, Dimy93, Jolan from!

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