Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easy Installer for 6.20 TN-C (HEN)

*PSP 1000-3000/Go with firmware 6.20.
*USB cable
*You need to have your battery charged to at least 50%
*Space must be at least 256 MB

Step 1:
Connect your PSP to your Computer.

Step 2:
Launch,maybe you need under Vista/7 administrative privileges.

Step 3:
Click the Install Button.

Step 4:
Wait until the installation is complete.

Step 5:
Unplug the USB cable and press the circle button to return to the XMB.

Step 6:
Go in the XMB to Game/System Storage or Memory Stick.

Step 7:
Launch TN HEN!

Step 8:
Wait..the PSP will return now to the XMB.

Step 9:
The 6.20 TN-C HEN is installed!

Thanks to Total_Noob for the great HEN :)

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